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Our Persians of The Past


Below are some of the most notable Persians that have been in our breeding program in the past. A couple went back to their breeders, but most were retired to live as pampered pets. Many of the Persians here can be found in the pedigrees of our current cats.

blue & white Persian
CH Toxicate Tea Party of Purfurvid — Thank you, Tracey Dalton, for giving me the opportunity that resulted in having my little "Teetee"! Her mother is Sugarspun No Doubt This Girls A Ten, and her father is GC RW Purfurvid Playa.
Toxicate Sally Smooches — Smoochy is the daughter of GC RW Toxicate Odd Man Out and Kissables Kiss Me Kate of Toxicate, gorgeous full sister to GC Kissables Kiss N Tell of Toxicate. Thank you very much to Tracey Dalton of Toxicate cattery for entrusting this sweet girl to me temporarily.
black & white Persian
blue & white Persian
Validian Pop Musik of Purfurvid — Thank you, Peter Rogers III, for giving me the opportunity to encorporate some of your lines into my Exotics! Emmy's mother is Validian Pop Tart and
her father is Topknot Razzle Dazzle of Validian
black & white Persian
GC Purfurvid Tang of Toxicate — Our first Exotic Longhair Grand Champion! Thank you to Tracey Dalton and Shelby Friemoth who showed and granded her in the Persian class in 2011! Tang is the full younger sister of GC Purfurvid Ametralladora Patria.
Corsica Paisley of Purfurvid — "Paisley" is one of the first Exotic Longhairs I kept in my program. She's the litter sister to Corsica Parfait of Purfurvid. Both Paisley and Parfait have contributed tremendously to my program! Thank you so
much, Diana Quintana, for making that possible! Paisly is the mom of GC RW Purfurvid Pop Gun.

black & white Persian


black & white Persian
GC RW Misty Ridge Jumping Jack Flash — Thank you so much, Cindy Jett, for loaning this darling guy to us! Jack, with his big round eyes, tiny little ears and wonderful short cobby body was CFA Southwest Region's 6th Best Kitten and CFA's 5th Best Bicolor Kitten Nationally in 2004. We got some lovey Exotic babies from this gorgeous guy, including GC RW Purfurvid Playa and GC RW Purfurvid Pillow Talk!

black & white Persian CH Purfurvid Mr. Bigg
"Bigg", pictured growing out his hair cut to the right, is the son of GC Beaudee's Dr. Pepper (below) and Fancee That Burndoast of Purfurvid (also below). Bigg has huge boning, a short tight muscular body, big round eyes with lovely pumpkin color, lots of coat factor and a very sweet lovey dovey personality. Bigg, along with his sister Purfurvid Cherry Nehi, are behind many of the Exotics in my program today.

black & white Persian

GC Beaudee's Dr. Pepper of Fancee That
Thank you Jan Chamberlain (owner) and Molly Sherrick (breeder) for entrusting this wonderful boy to me! Dr. Pepper was a lovely black and white bicolor (genetic van). He's the father of GC Purfurvid Angels Fall of Beaudee (see farther below), CH Purfurvid Mr. Bigg and Purfurvid Cherry Nehi (sister to Mr Bigg). He and Bernice, below, are the foundation of our Exotic program. I want to give a special thank you to Molly Sherrick for all her help when I began my bicolor Persians program years ago!!

Fancee That's Burndoast of Purfurvid

Thank you again Jan Chamberlain, for Bernice! Bernice was an extreme, Persian female with nice boning, short body, tons and tons of coat, small ears, a delightful personality and a very fancy pedigree, which included Purrteepaw, Bolo, Cattrax and Copacats. She is the mother of CH Purfurvid Mr. Bigg, Purfurvid Cherry Nehi (Mr Bigg's sister) and CH Purfurvid Lillix. Bernice is part of the foundation for my Exotic program and is behind most of my Exotics today.

calico Persian & calico Exotic

GC Purfurvid Lara Croft
"Lara", pictured here to the far left next to CH Corsica's Oopsy Daisy, was sired by Granddelight DukeNukem of Purfurvid and her dam is CH Purfurvid Notty Nitey (litter sister to Doc Martins (below). Lara is a nice big boned girl with beautiful top head.

black PersianGC RW Purfurvid Doc Martins
"Martin", born in November of 1995, was a very typey black male (pictured here, © 1997 Carl J. Widmer) out of GC Connaught McPunk'n of Purfurvid and Shimea Gayder Bayte of Purfurvid. Martin was the second cat I Granded (see Angie below) and he was my first Regional Winner. He had super heavy boning and cobbiness, tiny ears, extreme type and a wonderful sweet personality. At the Tails & No Tails show in San Jose on January 4th & 5th, 1997 (his first time out) he made Best Cat in two rings as an Open - thank you Gary Powell & Brian Moser! He then granded in 1-1/2 shows at Crown City Cat Club Show, January 11th & 12th, 1997 and The Food & Water Bowl, January 18th, 1997. I continued to show him through 4/14/97 and he accumulated 3275 show points in 72 rings, with several Best Cat wins, and was highest scoring cat at two shows. He was CFA Southwest Region's 15th Best Cat in the '96/'97 show season. While I was showing Martin, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Tana! Was a very eventful year for me!

brown patched mackerel tabby & white PersianGC Purfurvid Angels Fall of Beaudee
"Angie" (pictured here at 5 months, © 1996 Chanan) is a brown patched mackerel tabby and white bicolor Persian. She was the very first cat I granded in CFA. Angie's the daughter of GC Beaudee's Dr. Pepper of Fancee That (above) and Beaudee Twiggs of Purfurvid. She was shown as a kitten in the Southwest Region in early 1996. Her first time out, at the Malibu Cat Club Show in Costa Mesa, at four months, she made six out of eight finals. At her second show, at the Pacific Himalayan Cat Club Show in Riverside, she was second highest scoring kitten. Angie later granded in 3 shows and was CFA Southwest Region's Best Tabby & White in the '96/'97 show season.